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Saving just got mas fácil—especially, if you want it to be a collective effort! What are you saving for? A Quinceañera? A wedding? Or maybe even a college move? Whatever it is, don’t sleep on this easy, awesome community tool that will get you started so we can start saving juntos!


Let’s Save Juntos!

We know that familia is always there to support us. When it comes to saving up for a large purchase or event, it’s easier with help. Calculate how much your monthly small ahorro, along with your contributors’ ahorros, can relieve stress and get you on the path of dreaming big. Once you’ve found a great budgeting plan, share it with your contributors and get to saving today!

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Do you know what you want but need some help getting there? Don’t worry! This community calculator is the perfect tool to use for long-term savings goals. It allows you to involve others on your savings journey (family, friends, whoever you want!). Okay, so here’s the rundown…start by giving your goal a name, add your starting budget, the month you want your goal completed, and an interest rate. Next, add the expenses and your contributors. The final results will help you achieve your goal in the amount of time you want. You can also share the link with your friends and familia and let them add to it. Remember— todo a poco a poco.

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