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Look at you! You’re saving money each month and crushing it. Now, it’s time to dream bigger. Do you dream of swapping in that carcacha you’ve had for years for a brand new set of sleek wheels? Or maybe you’ve decided you’re ready for a casita of your own? It’s time to make your dream a reality. Whatever your goal, our Goooal! Tracker helps you determine the amount of money you should be aiming to save each month to achieve your goal.


Time to Meet Your Goals!

You’ve wanted to buy a new car for a while now, but did you know reaching that goal is possible? Calculate today how much a small ahorro each month can help you reach your goal faster!

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Already know what your money goal is? Great! Time to start using SUMA’s goal-saving calculator. First, enter the amount of savings you have now and the estimated interest rate your savings will accrue. To map out the rest of your savings journey, write a name for your goal, the dollar amount you are saving up to, the final date you want to save by, and you are all set. The Goooal! Tracker will do the rest of the work for you and tell you how much money you need to save a month!

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The short term goal must cost less then the mid term goal



This is the amount you need to save monthly to reach your goal.

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It’s easy for your mental health to take a deep dive during these times, but one way to help is by practicing mindfulness—a meditative practice that can not only ease your mind, but also in theory, help you financially. 

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