Which Flavor of Paleta-Corporation Are You?

Which Flavor of Paleta-Corporation Are You?

Un verano sin a paleta is unthinkable! Likewise deciding the type of corporation your side hustle will become is equally if not more important! 

Deciding the type of corporation the side hustle will set the pace for how you move forward and the different resources you can access: 

General Partnerships: One of the easiest types of businesses to set-up pero all members are responsible for damages that can happen.

C-Corp: Your dinero winz are taxed separately from your company’s dinero gainz. If you want to eventually sell it, this might be the best choice.

S-Corp: Treated like partnerships but can obtain corporate perks! All shareholders are responsible for taxes. 

Sole Proprietor: This is almost like watching a novela with a protagonist and the business revolves around that one person. And just like any novela there are many members involved. Pero when something happens to the protagonist, they must respond.

LLC: A limited liability company prompts a separation between your personal and business liability. This type of company promotes prevenir antes que lamentar energy.

Non-profit: Nonprofits are created for el bien comun of the world. Ran like a traditional company but does not generate profit.

Choose wisely and consult with your personal finance guru! They can provide some case specific consejitos for your chambita. For more free resources, click through our page. 

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