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When Your Bank Account Needs A Financial Limpia

Oooo those negative over-spending vibes💥 are strong on you mij@. It’s time to cleanse yourself of those holiday spending habits with a financial limpia.✨ Along with un huevo🥚 and a cup of water, add these other suggested steps into your limpia to really make sure you cut off all those mala vibras.😬

🎁 Limit your gift list🎁

Every year your gift list includes all the primos and Tios and amig@s who are like primos.🙇‍♀️ But The Motley Fool reports that buying gifts for too many people is one of the fastest ways to go over budget and invite in the negative energy.🤯 Look for ways to cut down on the number of gifts you need to buy like a secret Santa🎅🏽 or replacing gift-giving with sharing a really nice meal together.🥩

📝 Make a budget 📝

Release the blockage that comes from overspending💆‍♀️ by including making a budget into your limpia. First, figure out how much you can reasonably spend overall during the holidays.✍️ Then The Motley Fool suggests splitting that between both presents🎁 and entertaining.🎄 also recommends having a little buffer for last minute expenses or impulse buys.

📆 Buy early 📆

You don’t need to look for signs in an egg yolk to tell you that buying early helps save cash.💰 You’re more likely to catch a sale, like on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You’re also less likely to spend more💰 on something last minute because what you originally wanted sold out.🤯 Saving money by buying early applies on airfare too!✈️ Set calendar reminders if you need so you don’t forget to get it done early.

💳 Coupons and credit card rewards 💳

Coupons and other offers like buy one, get one free can be found with a simple Google search.📱 There are websites dedicated to online coupons or sometimes you’ll be eligible for a discount just by signing up for an email newsletter. The Motley Fool suggests that another way to save is to check whether your credit card has any rewards.💳 You can earn cash back or use points towards gifts.

💵 Use cash 💵

No, we don’t mean using cash in place of an egg in su limpia. 😂 After working out what your holiday budget🎄 is, keep that amount, in cash💵, in an envelope. reports that studies have shown that you’re less likely to overspend paying cash because it feels more tangible than when you pay with credit.👍

Financial limpias shouldn’t just happen around the holidays.🎄 Your spending needs monthly maintenance and once you get into the habit of doing a financial limpia every month, you’ll notice your bank accounts🏦 will have more positive energy and clarity.💫 And SUMA wants to help! Click HERE to download the SUMA App straight to your phone!

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