Money Talks February 2021 | Christian Cintron

When To Use Cash, Debit Or Credit?

We’ve all been there, we go out one weekend feeling good about our finances and when we come back to check we get a little heart attack from how much we spent. Pero we can’t let this continue to happen. Instead, we must learn how to spend our money wisely!


The solution is to look at how you’re spending and to do it consciously.


Let’s say you’re at a store and it seems a little sketchy. Wouldn’t you rather have the security of knowing you can call your credit card company and have them reverse any “extra” charges?


Your homegirl has a food truck… wouldn’t you rather hook her up by saving her all of those credit card processing fees? Make it rain…cash.

Do you have trouble with spending? It’s best to only use cash. That keeps you from spending money you don’t have.

Are you building your credit or can you afford something and want some bonus points/miles? Charge it!


Spending money is child’s play. But shouldn’t saving money be just as easy and fun? So when you’re at the checkout think about which you should use credit, cash, or debit? You get to choose and you get to decide. Turn it into a game you can even think of it like the kid’s song “De tin marín de do pingüé.” 


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