When the Paycheck to Paycheck Life Keeps You On Edge

We love getting that adrenaline hit. But a few of us play with money like it’s an extreme sport. Although we want to keep things fuego by living on the edge, taking too many financial risks will probably lead to your future going up in flames. So listen, and let us help you so that you can take chances, just not with your dinero


Imagine doing parkour while carrying all your mom’s trastes. Why carry so much? Video streaming subscriptions, expensive restaurants, or hypebeast clothing can drain your wallet. Set up a time where you will take care of one: cancel a subscription, make your own weekend asado, play with your closet to find new outfit combos. Tackle one of these obstacles at a time, and eventually you’ll be ahead of the game.


Another good tactic is putting 20% of your paycheck aside. You wouldn’t go paragliding with your colcha as a parachute, so why would you not have a safety fund?  If a random college expense pops up, your car breaks down, or you’re about to propose to your novi@, you won’t be free falling. Now you have this cushion to fall back on and you won’t need to borrow from your prim@s.


Speaking of those prim@s, make sure to pay your debts. Having debts chasing you is like surfing with a bunch of tiburones at your heels. Sit down and organize your debts to avoid an interest increase. Pay the most pressing ones and don’t wipe out in front of your whole familia.

If you follow these tips, you can enjoy taking crazy chances at the beach or in the mountains (although we don’t recommend pushing the suegr@’s buttons). Take care of your finances paso a paso and watch everything fall into place. Eventually, you’ll be doing money tricks like ese cuate Tony Hawk on his skateboard!

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