Money Talks September 2021 | Brandon Rodriguez

When Is It Okay To Use Your Emergency Fund?

We know we’ve said this over and over again, pero we’ve learned that from our Latin@ mothers. So here it goes again, you should have an emergency fund mij@! 💯 (And if you need info on emergency funds, we got you on our website.) 


Now that you have an emergency fund, the next question is “what counts as an emergency?” 🤔 People have different definitions of what financial emergencies are. It’s important to discuss with your family what counts as an emergency and what doesn’t. We decided a good rule of thumb is that anytime you gotta light up a vela for la virgen or your favorite santito, you have yourself an emergency. 🕯 


Anytime you have to ask the people on the other side for help, it’s safe to say that you’re allowed to dip into your emergency funds.💰This could be family sickness, a car accident, or anything similar. It’s up to you and your family to decide what will count as an emergency for you all. 🤔💭 


We hope you are never in a situation like this, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared to help our loved ones.


Look through our website to learn more about emergency funds and how you can set yourself up for financial success! 📈


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