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Un Fuerte Credit Score Performance

Un Fuerte Credit Score Performance

Let’s Get Loud about having a strong credit score! 🎤JLo knows how important it is to be surrounded by a strong backup support. And one of the best supports you can have to build your financial future is a good credit score. 💪🏽

Good credit scores are a way into several financial benefits, according to Experian. 💸It may not lead to performing at the Superbowl con Shakira but there are so many things it opens up.

Less Interest on a Carro or Casa

When you go after those, what Experian calls “big-ticket loans,” for things like a home🏠 or car, 🚗 a good credit score can mean a lower interest rate. And a lower interest rate can mean tens of thousands of dollars in savings over the life of a loan. Maybe almost enough to afford JLo’s iconic Versace dress.👗

Más Choices

You don’t have to be one of the “Hustlers” to open the door to more choices. A good credit score opens up access to the most loan and credit card products available. Lenders want to lend to borrowers who keep good credit. 🙌🏽

Credit Card Perks

Love Don’t Cost a Thing, but everything else does. 🤑And according to Experian, a good credit score can mean access to credit cards that offer the lowest interest rates and the best rewards, like cash back and travel points. 💳 Experian also mentions that you’re more likely to qualify for an intro 0% APR.

Insurance on the Carro

Back to getting a new carro! 🚗 A good credit score can help you qualify for lower insurance premiums on car insurance. WEPA!

More Options on Renting a Casa

Some rental management companies consider credit scores when deciding whether or not to approve you to become a tenant. So, no matter what “block” you wanna be from, you’re more likely to be approved with a good credit score. 🏠 Bonus! Experian mentions that good credit could also lead to saving money on the security deposit.

Utility Utilidad

Lastly, some utility companies require a security deposit to initiate utility services pero according to Experian, that won’t happen if you have good credit! 👍🏽

If you do have bad credit, hay tiempo to work on your credit routine and get the score up to concert level greatness. 👩🏽‍🎤 Doing things like making payments on time and having open credit accounts without balances. It may take time, pero you know, like JLo knows, working hard pays off.😎


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