Things Latinos Spend Too Much On

Things Latinos Spend Too Much On

Ay, we know te gusta being super fancy pero we’re gonna play a lil jueguito called UNO – no, not the card game. 🤔UNO as in UNO of these things needs to go!👋


💎Luxury items – unless the high end names are paying YOU to wear them, basta! Tell your amigos “It’s all gucci” without actually wearing Gucci!

💉Retoquitos – mira, all those perfect IG pics you see use filters! So, instead of “fillers” IRL, just FaceTune some pics for free.

👗Quinceañera – This coming of age celebration doesn’t need a coming of a massive bill. Think small – focus on la niña not la fiesta.

💍La Fancy Wedding – Sofía Vergara’s wedding cost millions of dollars pero yours shouldn’t! Keep it simple – it’s the amor that’s important.


So which UNO item are you kicking to the curb?🦵 Comment below and let us know.👇

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  1. T Henriquez

    La fiesta de quince! I do not want to spend thousands on a party to introduce my daughter to a bunch of guys and let them think she is up for grabs. My niña does not need some caballero to make her happy and I’d rather spend the money on a life changing experience (like college). Besides, quinces cost as much as a wedding. I’d rather pay for an actual wedding. Love the dresses but that’s what high school proms are for anyway, so I just can’t get behind the fiesta de quince.

    • SUMA Wealth

      You’re right! With so much happening nowadays it’s better to use that many for a fiesta on an actual experience that will better the life of your child. Whether that’s investing or education, it’s always good to think of ways to help our dinero grow!

  2. Rosa De Rae

    Luxury items because shopping at swap meets and local Latin markets does not make me la mera mera

  3. Beatriz Verdin

    La fancy wedding because it should be about the amor and about brining your family and closest friends together even if it’s in your own back yard!

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