The Savings Map To Your Dream Casita!

The Savings Map To Your Dream Casita!

What if buying a car or a home had a map to it like in Dora the Explorer? Imagine if the map could come alive and talk to you like it does with Dora. It would make saving money and knowing the road a lot easier, no?. 🗺📍


Well, good news, mijit@s! Your financial padrinos are going to give you a little map that’ll help you reach your goal of buying a house. We’ll save the singing, but it will become your map to guide you home. 🗺 🏡


🎶 “Come on, vamanos! Everybody, let’s go!” 🎶


First, you need to figure out how much money you need to save for a house. 🤔 Things to consider are location, size of house, and a downpayment. Once you write these all out, you can move onto the first location on the map to your journey home. 📍


Our first location on the map is budgeting! 💰 Budgeting is going to be key 🔑 for you to accomplish your financial goals. Once you determine how much money you need to save for a house, you can adjust your budget to meet that goal. This may mean you might have to cut some other things out in your budget to make more room to save like the saliditas to the swap meet or the daily taco run for the whole block. ✂️


Once you pass the land of budgeting, you’ll need to look for the next spot—downsizing! What does this mean? Downsizing is reducing your expenses so you can save. 📉🤑 Downsizing can look different for everyone. It could mean that you move into a smaller, cheaper apartment for a few years so you can save that extra money for your house. Or, it could be relying on public transportation 🚌 or biking 🚲 instead of buying a car. Maybe, talk to your familia and get on a family streaming plan so you pay less every month to watch your favorite shows. 📺 There is no one-size-fits-all with downsizing, but once you do start to downsize your life, your final destination of buying a home will be clear in sight. 🤩


On your path, watch out 👀 for locations that could take you off the map’s course like luxury expenses! Falling into this part of the map can be costly—literally. Keep an eye out and be sure to stay on the path ahead to your home. 🏡


The map is simple, really… budgeting—downsizing—home! 


Say it with us, budgeting…downsizing…home! 


Budgeting…downsizing…home! 🏡

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