The Routine Of a Happy Millionaire

The Routine Of a Happy Millionaire

Being a happy millionaire is not an impossible dream. Why? Because we all have what it takes to grow our wealth, it is just a matter of being consistent and persistent in our goals. Imagine had Luis Miguel not made it to the top we would’ve never had classics such as “La Incondicional” or “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar.” Same applies to you, imagine all the hits you can create if you just push a little harder!

You don’t need to accomplish great achievements from one day to the next, instead your progress towards becoming the first millionaire in your family begins with your daily choices. En serio, the small steps you take daily with your routine will take you to new heights! Here is a list of routines that happy millionaires have and after you pick what is best for you, make sure to spread the wealth of knowledge around.

Get Up Early 

Most millionaires are up by six or seven am, already getting a start to their day while the rest of the world sleeps in. They’re well into their day’s meetings by the time you’re eating breakfast. Athletes are known to get up before the sun rises to start their pre-training warm up jog before their actual intensive training. 👟The Buddha would get up to start meditating as early as 3am.🧘🏽 If you want to have the mindset of someone achieving major goals, vete a la cama like your mama said and go to bed at a decent hour. No binging your shows til all hours of the madrugada. Even your brother, el mini jefe, is getting up at 3 am to do his paper route. Follow his lead! 🛏️

Daily Exercise 💪🏽

Millionaires make time for exercise. They tend to work long hours and rarely, if ever, get sick. They do this by keeping their bodies healthy and avoiding high fat, high caffeine diets. Don’t worry, you don’t have to say goodbye to your daily tortillas, but you may find that you naturally cut back. To make it easier to accomplish, start your day right by feeding your body, brain and soul with some oxygen and circulation. Your routine doesn’t have to include cleaning the entire house or running a marathon. Even just ten minutes of stretches or simple calisthenics can significantly improve your day. Eat more greens and complex carbs to keep your energy going throughout the day. 🥬 You might find that you don’t even need coffee to give you an energy boost throughout your day. Eating right and moving your body may be enough to get you going naturally.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Pick your passion, not your poison. Become one with your thoughts and relax into feeding your soul. Be it through meditating, relaxing, reading, even morning prayer—give your mind time to develop the motivation to get you started for the day’s intentions. Acknowledge what you have and always practice gratitude. It will feed your confidence and the relationships around you. 🙏🏽

Take Time Off ⛱️

Don’t overdo it! It’s easy to become a workaholic if things start to work, but if you’re not careful, the jenga game of life will fall apart. Disconnect and make time for family and for yourself. You don’t have to go to every last backyard party or quinceañera but dropping by for cafécito con pan dulce once in a while won’t set you back. Don’t overlook the relationships in your life. They are important to nurture to keep you grounded and offer mutual support. And feeding this part of yourself will help spread positivity and joy in your work and daily routine.

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