Plan Your Finances Like You Plan for Easter: Tips for a Successful Financial Future

Plan Your Finances Like You Plan for Easter: Tips for a Successful Financial Future

It’s that time of the year again! Easter has come and gone and parents across the country stocked up on all the Latin@ candy and toys to fill their chamaco’s Easter baskets. 

What if we told you that this year’s Easter basket could serve another purpose? What if it could be used as a tool to teach our children about financial planning? Let’s explore how an Easter basket can be used to teach valuable money and financial planning skills.

Latin@ parents resort to ingenious ways to teach their kids about life. Similar to how we were taught that walking around barefoot is the reason we got sick. It’s time to pass on similar knowledge but this time about dinero. 

Time to help them find the golden egg of financial planning!


One of the core principles of financial planning is the importance of saving and budgeting. We know you’ve probably heard this countless times, but it’s critical! It is essentially the foundation on which your children will start building their financial future.

Now, by using an Easter basket as a visual aid, you can demonstrate the concept of setting aside some of their eggs for a specific purpose. An activity could be giving a child a set amount of money to spend on treats and toys. This helps them create a budget to allocate those funds.

Delayed Gratification

Another important financial skill is the ability to put off immediate rewards in order to achieve greater goals. An Easter basket can also provide an opportunity for children to practice delayed gratification. This will encourage them to save some of the money or candy they found for future goals or cravings. 

Sounds like they’ll be good at investing and saving for retirement. 


Goal-setting similar to saving is an essential part of financial planning. An Easter basket can be used as a tool to teach children about setting and achieving financial goals. 

For example, you can help them think more critically about their Easter money. Remind them that with a gameplan they can finally be able to buy that doll they’ve been wanting to get after spending a summer in Mexico with their abuela. 

Plus, by setting and achieving a financial goal, children can develop a sense of accomplishment. They’ll have the knowledge to apply it in other areas of their lives. 


Finally, an Easter basket can teach children about the importance of sharing and giving to others. 

Encourage your child to use some of their Easter money to make a donation to a charity or to buy a small gift for a friend or family member who is in need. By teaching children to share and give back to their community, you’ll instill important values of generosity and compassion. We are here for that!

An Easter basket may seem like a simple holiday tradition, but it can also serve as a powerful tool to teach children about financial planning. By finding fun and innovative ways to speak about the money we can be one step closer to breaking the chain of financial instability. As the saying goes, START THEM YOUNG! 

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