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Smash the Scholarship Piñata!

Smash the Scholarship Piñata!

Finding scholarships as a college student can feel like trying to hit a piñata🪅. You are dizzy and blindfolded😵‍  while your tíos laugh, pulling the piñata away from you. Fortunately here at SUMA, we are bringing you some resources so you can apply for scholarships, making the path to graduation easier!🎓✨


First of all, check that your FAFSA is all filled out. Like eating at your abuela’s house, the person who gets there first will get the best portion🍲, university grants work the same. It’s best to fill it out as close to Oct. 1 as possible.✔️

Stop watching tías dancing outside Ross on TikTok💃🏽 and get on those grant sites! Apply to as many scholarships as possible., which has a huge database of scholarships, lets you personalize filters to find the best scholarship matches for you: first gen college student, Native background, etc. It might help to read essays posted online by previous scholarship winners✍🏽, to get a hang of what the judges are looking for.

There is also the College Board Scholarship Search. We at SUMA tried it out by filling out a few criteria, and we got 548 scholarship results for our fictitious student!💪🏽 Finally we don’t have to ask for money during Día de los Reyes🙏🏽. Some of them even seemed like fun contests, so make sure to browse around.

Are you working while you get your degree? That’s the hardworking Latin@ spirit!👏🏽 Your employer might offer scholarships for their workforce. A company may pay for your classes if the class is relevant to their business. Your parents’ job might offer scholarships for dependents too. Sometimes you might have to ask to find out.🙋🏽‍♂️

If you are unsure about your legal status, you can get help too.👍🏽 Immigrants Rising offers a comprehensive list of scholarships that don’t require your citizenship or residency status. Pa’lante!👨🏽‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓

Check in with your college’s financial office to make sure extra scholarships won’t affect your financial aid package. There is help out there no matter where in your student journey you are✨. So imagine you can take off the blindfold, yell at your tío to stop messing with the rope, and bash that scholarship piñata!🪅🎓



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