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Side Hustles For Fierce Latinas

Side Hustles For Fierce Latinas

SUMA, along with She Se Puede, knows you aren’t afraid of no side hustle. Because those extra hours could mean extra lana in your savings or covering an unexpected bill. And we know our side hustles can also BECOME our main hustle. In fact, Latina-owned businesses increased 12% between 2014 and 2016. 

The InHerSight blog talks about lots of flexible side hustles that you can have without compromising your full-time job. And with most side-hustles, you can make your own schedule and take advantage of other skills you have outside your regular gig. It’s a fabuloso way for you to give yourself a raise. Dale!

This Financial Friday, we breakdown some possible side hustles from InHerSight:



Your abuela does not appreciate you telling her about new fusion recipes from hipster cookbooks while she’s serving you her homemade ropa vieja. So, why not take those tasty recipes and share con el mundo in a blog? Blogs can be about whatever you have a passion for: travel, fashion, etc. Whatever topic you land on, you can make extra money through Google Adsense allowing ads on your blog.



Quit scrolling that pet rescue IG for photos of cute pups! You can get paid for taking care of other people’s perritos. It can be just a walk or, something bigger, like pet sitting for a family who is going out of town. Apps like Rover and Wag let you sign up to connect with clients. It’s like scrolling that IG feed in person. And, bonus, walking dogs is a lil ejercicio.



Do you have abs like Shakira? You can teach others how to get swole and get paid. Teaching a fitness class can earn you up to $25 an hour and there are apps like Instructrr that you can sign up for to help find work.



All your tias still rave about las velas you gifted them on Día de los Reyes. You can take that passion to Etsy and sell those velas for lana. And you’ll get to meet other crafters and small business owners through the Etsy community!



 Practice su español and get paid! Or brush off those math and science skills and become a virtual tutor. There are several companies and sites like VIPKid where you can sign up to tutor in all different subjects and various grades. And you can schedule around your full-time gig.



 No need for a brick and mortar shop when you can sell su ropa from your house. If you’ve already got an eye for thrifting or want to sell pieces you already have, you can resell clothes on sites like Poshmark and Mercari. You can download the app, snap a photo of the clothes, and share the listing. When someone buys your clothes, you mail them out, y ya!



Do you love to drive and know your city como el back of su mano? Driving for Uber or Lyft allows you to drive only when you want to turn on the app for a shift. So, driving only on weekends while continuing to work your 9-5 is totally doable!

No matter what you choose, make sure what your side-hustle isn’t causing you stress in having to maneuver around your full-time gig. These gigs are meant to supplement not be a drawback.

SUMA wants to hear from all the Latinas out there about their side hustles and how they capitalize on all their skills. Comment below to share your experiences and shout out your side businesses!




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  1. Nanea Marcial

    Latina empowerment! Love this! I’m a single mom, Latina, building the most amazing side hustle, which will soon turn into full time.💪 Educating others to better their financial gameplan, helping middle-class families get income protection and prepare an arsenal of money for their retirement. Educating the middle class on the lessons that the rich already know. Building a team remotely in the process, of incredible money and passive income. Primerica… Gives the platform to build financial freedom for me and my boys, so we never have to struggle again, while simultaneously helping others do the same and better their financial health! So exciting! 🙌🏼💪 Nanea Marcial @naneamarcial on IG

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