Saving For Retirement Then Vs. Now


Shakira may have blown everyone out of the water at the Superbowl a couple years ago but she was focused on success early on. 👩‍💻Just like you should be focused on retirement savings as early as you can, even in your 20s. 😮

Retirement may feel so far off when you’re just starting out in your career but the years go quick. 🚀And building a robust retirement fund later can be harder. Investopedia mentions that as you get older, you add more expenses like a family🤰and mortgage. 🏠Those bill don’t lie! 😩

The best reason why starting to save for retirement early early is key is because of compound interest. With compound interest, your money grows exponentially📈 due to interest building upon itself over time. The longer it goes, the more 💰you have. 🎶Dinero Dinero.🎶

When deciding on your investing options, things to look into include mutual funds, Roth IRAs and your company’s 401K. 💸Pero don’t just 🎶try everything 🎶. Do your research or hire a financial advisor to help out.

Whatever direction you go, know that your youth isn’t just for questionable fashion choices at oversized computers (sorry Shakira😬). It’s for planning out your future early✍️ so you can reap the benefits in retirement.

How are you saving for retirement early? 👇

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