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Saints To Protect Your Wallet This Holiday Season

Saints To Protect Your Wallet This Holiday Season

Mira, Black Friday 2020 is going to look a lot different than Black Friday’s of America’s past, pero there are still plenty of deals to be had.🍾

So, break out those velas 🕯and get ready to pray for some guidance. 🙏🏽 Pero, not to the saints your abuela taught you about. SUMA’s going to introduce you to a few NEW saints to help protect your wallet from going too hard at those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

SANTA OFERTAS (La Patrona of the holiday gift deals)

Santa Oferta, ruega por nosotros, compradoras…

Shopping in person, in a packed store, sounds like you want to catch more than a good deal. 😷 You may not get presents in hand pero shipping times are faster than ever before. 📦 And according to Money Mag, online discounts are usually identical to those en la tienda. 🙌🏽 Santa Oferta is out there making sure you’re getting the best deals on the big ticket items early and that they arrive way before Santi Claw.🎅🏽

SANTA INVESTIGA (La Patrona of the research savvy shopper)

Santa Investiga, enseñame un buen precio…

 Compare todo! Being online makes it easy to compare prices and deals across multiple retailers. ✍🏽 It saves you money AND time because you can see all the offers from the comfort of your sofa. Websites like aggregate millions of items for sale across the internet.

SANTA PLANIFICA (La Patrona of budgets and checklists)

Santa Planifica, organiza mis compras…

Making una lista beforehand helps you stick to only the items you really want. Write down everyone you need to shop for, what you want to get them AND any little extra para tí!  📝 Pen and paper always work but, Money Magazine points out that putting it in the note app on your phone means you’ll always have it with you, in case you do decide to brave to the brick and mortar stores. 😷 Also, digital lists help keep links to deals and coupons and it’s easier to remove items so that you don’t accidentally repeat purchases. Some say Santa Planifica will even remove gifts that are above your budget.😮 

SANTA RECOMPENSAS (La Patrona of cash back and point rewards)

Santa Recompensas, ruega para darnos más dinero…

Santa Recompensas wants to make dinero appear in your account! 💵 Cómo? Your credit card has partnerships with different stores offering cash back or extra points.💳 Chase Freedom card holders can get 5% cash back on their first $1,500 spent at Walmart through the end of the year. Another avenue to look at is Rakuten, a website with multiple cash back offers at different retailers. Prioritize saving money overall, which often means the deal not the cash back.  🤔


This Black Friday, we hope all your prayers are answered.🙏🏽 Just make sure that a good deal is coming from a legitimate website or retailer. Check out browser extension Fakespot which scans websites like Amazon and eBay in real time. Also be aware of product warranties and return policies.


Which of these Santitas do you need in your wallet this holiday season? Comment and let us know why!


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