When It’s Payday But…

When It's Payday But...

We know sometimes we let our emotions rule over us and end up buying those things we didn’t really need. Those new shoes, watch, or gaming console… you know what we are talking about! Next thing you know the bills have piled up and you find yourself working extra hours to make ends meet. It doesn’t have to be this way Mij@! It’s time to work on that mind so you can work on those finances.

So how do we prevent ourselves from frivolous spending? Think of your bank account like a birthday or Christmas present and the “no peeking” rule: you can only open it on special occasions🎄🤫

Are you getting coffee and a panesito every morning before work? Are you always at the “lonchera” or dine out several times every week? If you answered yes, then it’s time to make these activities special by doing them less often and buying your favorite café to brew at home.

Investing in a coffee maker will get you considerable savings every month. And while it may seem like you have no time to cook for yourself, there are still more affordable options than going out all the time. Listen to your mom and all the times she said, “hay frijoles en la casa.”

Most grocery stores have a prepared foods aisle where you can get fully prepared meals, frozen or hot to take home that will add up to more savings than depleting it all with take out. But then remember to beware the check-out aisle items. If they lure you to buy magazines, snacks or trinkets that you aren’t completely in “need” of, begin to train yourself to breathe it out and jot down the item. If you still need it on the next visit to that store, you can reconsider buying it. ✔️

If the purchases pushing you over the edge are considerably larger, take note of them and start planning to save for them in the future. If they are emergency purchases, they should only be paid out of a dedicated emergency fund and not from your paycheck. 🆘We have to prepare for the rainy days too!

Breaking some of these everyday impulse buying habits should bring you some more surplus savings–eventually. Pero baby step mijit@. You just put that copy of Latina back on the stands in the impulse buy aisle and we’re only on Day 1. 👶

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