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No Se Perder My Credit Card Rewards

No Se Perder My Credit Card Rewards

It’s not like we ever need an excuse to 🎤 belt out and reflect on Selena songs, but the Selena Netflix Series 📺 definitely had us belting out some of our favorites like “Como La Flor,” which got us to thinking about how the lyrics can be applied to love and loss in more ways than one. Sure, there’s the obvious romantic interpretation, but since we’re over here constantly trying to think of ways for us to level up our comunidad’s collective wealth and strength 💪🏽 we thought about how the lyrics apply to the pain of losing your credit card 💳points or rewards. All of a sudden that gave new meaning to “Yo sé perder, pero ay, ay, ay ¡cómo me duele!”


Raise your manita 🙋🏽 if you didn’t even know that you could lose credit card rewards? Don’t be embarrassed because a lot of people don’t know until they lose their rewards and are left to wonder why 🤷🏽‍♀️. And OMAIGA to perder those rewards duele because it was not easy to earn them in the first place.


Here are some things to avoid so that your credit card rewards don’t end up como la flor in Selena’s song 🥀.


⭐ Late payments – Late payments can lead to fees, interest rate increases, a lower credit score and even the loss of your credit card rewards.


⭐ Use it or lose it – If your account is inactive, it can lead to you losing any rewards you’ve accumulated and your card issuer could even close your account. Try to use it con cuidadito at least once every three months.


⭐ Treat rewards like una flor 🌹 – You know how the you have to keep an eye on it and give it all your amor  to make sure it is growing? Well, some credit card rewards also have expiration dates. Make sure you know if you have rewards that need some attention before they expire .  


⭐ Returns in purchases lead to you returning rewards – If you buy something on your credit card that earns you rewards and then you return that item for a refund, then you no longer get the rewards because that wouldn’t be justo.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of how you can lose your credit card rewards. Each credit card runs their rewards program according to their own fine print so make sure you read that fine print.


Closing Nota ✍🏽: The holiday season is a great time to use any credit card rewards you’ve acquired. This way, you can save on purchase while earning  more rewards to buy gifts you already budgeted for. No te hagas bolas 🔀 though! We’re not saying to go into debt buying gifts on your credit card. What we are saying is, instead of using the cash you saved to buy gifts, use your credit card and then use the cash you saved to pay off the credit card.


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