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NirvanApps: Smells Like Investing Spirit


🤘Smells Like Investing Spirit!📈 Come As You Are because you don’t have to go through an economy 101 crash course to make money investing in the stock market. Investing can be easy as lip syncing to Kurt Cobain on Tik Tok. 🎤

 Just like grunge revolutionized rock music, Acorns🐿, Stash💰 and Robinhood🎯 are three investment apps that revolutionize the basics of investing. According to, none of these require a minimum investment or deposit to begin and they all have low costs, but each comes with other unique features that might make you feel as solid as a baby floating in a pool. 👼🏽



Acorns’ account fee for a basic account starts at $1 a month.😮 But the app offers other types of accounts with different features as well. Acorns also offers banking services, like a savings account and debit card.💳 InvestorJunkie mentions that Acorns takes care of picking stocks for you, so it’s great for people who want to be “hands-off” investors and not All Apologies in trying to choose individual stocks. Since it takes the guess work out, it can take away some of the anxiety you might have starting out, not knowing what to invest in. With Acorns, you can “set it and forget it” and be (MTV) “Unplugged.”🎸



 Stash starts at $1 a month for their basic account, offers different tiers with different features and also offers banking services, just like the Acorns app. 😮 But, Stash is best for beginners who are looking to learn as they go, ✍🏽 guiding you through the steps, and helping you choose individual investments suited for your goals. You don’t have to do a ton of head-banging 🙇🏽 since they offer educational resources, with some articles available right on their website. According to InvestorJunkie, the app has a particular focus on socially responsible investing, if that is important to you. Overall, this app is for you if you want to manage your own portfolio, like wanting to write your own lyrics to your songs, 🎶 but you also want a little hand-holding through the process.



Robinhood has no commission fees and no account-opening fees for its basic account, according to InvestorJunkie. 👏🏽 The Robinhood app allows you to invest in individual stocks and you are in charge of your own portfolio so it’s kinda like performing your own kickass guitar solo.🎸 Robinhood is not as educational as Stash but it does offer articles on investing, along with a newsletter offering financial news. This app is best for experienced traders, as it’s very DIY and there’s little guidance. If you’re just starting out, this app may feel like you’ve just thrown yourself into a moshpit 🤕 so, you may want to check out one of the other two apps first.

No matter which you choose, these apps make it easy to feel like an investment rockstar 👩🏽‍🎤 and all you need to get started is your phone.📲



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