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Move Out Without Breaking The Cochinito

Move Out Without Breaking The Cochinito

Yay! You are so excited to finally move🚙 into your new dorm or apartment. Your mami is crying and your papi just has something in his eye🤭. The only thing that has you sweating is that you’re out of savings! No worries, SUMA brings you some moving tips to avoid breaking the bank💸 next time you move:


  1.  Plan Ahead.📋 Plan your college move like you would plan your trip to a reggaeton concert👯🏽. Make a list of what you need to bring, and check to see which items you already have at home. Bring clothes you can mix and match and re-check your list. That way you’ll have extra money for college fun (including some reggaeton parties)!


  1. Check out the local thrift shops.🛒 Find out if there are any thrift shops or second hand shops near your new dorm. Often they will have furniture or appliances you might need at a fraction of the price🤑. Tell your papi you’re going to a mercado de pulgas and he will happily join. Money saved.


  1. Add sabor to your dorm.👏🏽 Bringing accessories and food from home will not only save you tons of cash, it will make your dorm feel like home. Who else is going to have galletas Marias in a cupboard and a colcha de tigre🐯 on your bunk bed? Bringing extra snacks will also keep you fueled until you figure your way around campus restaurants. 


  1. Don’t spend money on boxes.📦 Next time you go with your mami to the supermarket ask around to see if they have empty boxes. Sometimes their recycling bin is filled with cardboard boxes and nothing else. Use these instead of spending dollars on new boxes that you will probably throw away. 


  1. Talk to your RA.🙋🏽‍♂️ Your dorm RA (Residential Advisor) will be like your madrina of the college experience. They know what it’s like to be a new student, so they can answer any questions about housing, food, and campus life🎓. Don’t feel bad hitting up your RA madrina, it’s their job to guide you.


Use these tips whether you are moving into college or a new apartment. If you got a new job, a new chic@ del apartamento 512😍, or are just beginning a new adventure, saving on your move is a great way to start a new life stage with good vibes👼🏽. Just remember, la colchita de tigre will always be home waiting for you.


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