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Maya & The Business Plan

Maya & The Business Plan

Whether you’re trying to save the world and defeat a ruthless god like Maya in Maya and the Three or if you’re trying to start a business, you need a plan. 📖


Starting a business may feel like a daunting task that you’re never going to accomplish. 😭 Once you see the high mountains you have to climb, the low valleys you have to trek through, or the patience it takes along the journey, it seems like giving up is easier. BUT, remember, you’re no quitter. 💯 If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s no secret that saving the world or starting a business is hard, grueling even, but you have what it takes to succeed. ✨🤗


The most vital way to ensure the success on your entrepreneur journey is having a plan. ✍️ Just like the hero in a story needs a plan, you need a plan. Some entrepreneurs can start a business without a plan, but more often than not, many of these entrepreneurs will fail. 😰 Without a sense of direction, a plan of action, or understanding the basics of what it takes to create a successful business, you might see your entrepreneur dreams crumble just like the edges of a De la Rosa Mazapan dulce. ☹️


Ultimately, your plan is there to convince yourself and the world that what you want to do is going to be successful. 😊 It’s a point of reference and map to help guide you along your entrepreneurial journey—even Dora needed a map! Your plan should be a guiding framework as you start to build your business. 🙏


Have we convinced you yet? 🤔 If not, consider this. Having a strong business plan can convince potential investors that you know what you’re doing & that your business is serious. An investor is going to take you and your business with a plan more seriously rather than if you’re just flying by the seat of your pants. Again, it is possible to have a successful business without a plan, but having a business plan just creates more benefits for yourself and the future. 🤩


Okay, okay, so we’ve convinced you that you need a plan. Now how do you actually write one? ✍️🧐 Well, good news is that Inc. has a fantastic resource to help you get started on your journey. 😁


Before you go, remember that a business plan is a guide to help you succeed in your business journey. You’re going to need hard work, love, and passion to make your dreams come true. ✨


Thankfully, you already have that within you. ❤️

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