Make $100,000 A Year Selling Shoes

Make $100,000 A Year Selling Shoes

What if we told you there’s a side hustle that you haven’t thought of yet that could make you $50,000 a year? Actually, what if we told you there was a side hustle that could make you up to $100,000 a year? Well, you’re in luck because we’re going to tell you all about a side hustle that could bring you a lot of dinero! 🤑 And more dinero means more money to save, invest, and help you build generational wealth while still having some dollars left to buy your favorite paleta de fresa from the paletero. 😋

The best thing about this side hustle? It involves shoes! Yes, zapatos. 👟

Let us tell you a little bit more about how you can make money selling shoes—specifically, sneakers. Since the pandemic and quarantine, online shopping has done well and has kept strong. One of the industries within online shopping that has done well during this time is the sneaker industry. 👟💰

Sneakers are an extremely popular item people buy, on top of there being a lot of value in them when you take into consideration the limited editions or collectible sneakers. And you know who LOVES sneakers? None other than nuestro Benito himself! 😎

You might be thinking to yourself “I can’t sell shoes.” The good news is that you can! 💪 Just like anything else, it takes some time to educate yourself and know the industry. Plus, if you already have a passion for sneakers and know a lot about it, then you’re already way ahead of the game! 🙌 Thankfully, our friends from The Penny Hoarder spilled the beans and shared how to start selling new or lightly worn shoes.


It’s easy to become a sneaker-selling rey or reina 👑!

First, you want to start building your inventory of sneakers before you start selling. Ask your primos or primas if they have any lightly worn or new sneakers they don’t use. Also, use the the internet as your best friend. Find Facebook groups, Instagram pages, or download apps like StockX & Sneakercon to help you build your sneaker inventory. 💪


Next, start selling! 🤑Build an online presence on Facebook & Instagram to establish your shoe reselling business. Ask your friends (or that tia or tio that’s always active on Facebook) to share your posts. Being proactive on your social media and seeking to engage with other sneaker reselling pages and people will help you build up your sales. 💰As you start reselling online, keep in mind that you don’t always want to buy and sell the most expensive sneaker, rather you want to sell the sneaker with highest return on investment. Doing this will ensure you are making profit and not losing money. You’ll be like Bad Bunny singing, “el dinero me llueve.” 🙌


Lastly, you need to consider overhead costs. We’re talking about app fees, taxes, postage, packaging, etc. These costs add up and will subtract from your profit, so keep that in mind as you start to sell. ✍


With the right mindset and a lot of hard work, your sneaker side hustle could flip your life and finances. In a year or two, you could be making as much, if not more, money than your current 9-5 job. Miral@ all fancy! 🤑😎

And who knows, maybe one day Bad Bunny will be buying from you… 😉


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