La Jeepeta

La Jeepeta

It’s true that you probably can’t handle KAROL G’s pum-pum pero you know what you can handle? Not buying una Jeepeta nueva like KAROL G. 😮When thinking about whether to use savings to buy a new car or to put those savings towards investments, here are some things to consider.🤔



Feel Like Una Bichota

It may seem like a new car is the way to feeling like una bichota 🔥but that feeling may be short-lived. Your new car will depreciate over time. Depreciation, according to Car Edge, is the difference between the original sales price and what the vehicle will be worth in the future. 📉Car Edge reports that a Jeepeta will depreciate 31% after 5 years. Whereas if you invest about the same amount you would pay per month for la Jeepeta ($807) at 7% interest, it’ll be worth $57,455 after 5 years. Más mejor!


You Gotta Tenerla Fuleteado 

Your Jeepeta comes with other costs, too. 📝Car Edge reports that over 5 years, fuel to keep it fuleteado costs $8,645, insurance $6,955 (based off national averages for a 40 year old with full coverage and good driving record and credit), cost to finance $5,081 and maintenance $2,755.💸 Sure toda la babies quieren party but you can get them to la fiesta in something other then a Jeepeta nueva! 🚌


Acicala De Pie A Tope

Market Watch reported that researchers from University of Minnesota and Texas A&M University found that luxury goods, and other things like expensive meals and vacations, can provide long-term happiness. 💋The key they say is setting broad goals on what you want from the spending and not put emphasis on what they will bring in terms of compliments or self-esteem. Don’t do it solo para roncar! 👎If you really still want that Jeepeta, use a payment calculator to make sure you can make the payments full, on-time. 🧮


How would you invest your dinero that would otherwise go to una Jeepeta? Comment below!



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