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Kick Your Dinero Hangover Quick

Kick Your Dinero Hangover Quick

We know how it goes during the holidays: the gift-giving fiesta starts at two, you, of course, get there at four, you buy as many gifts as you can on sale 🛍and then move on to the hard stuff, the full priced, big ticket items and before you know it, it’s 1am and your abuelos are starting a new game of dominoes. 🂋


The overspending cruda the next morning can be killer.🤯 That’s why SUMA is here with your Holiday Overspending Cruda Kit.



One of the best hangover cures is that sweet, sweet menudo or sancocho or asopao. 🍲 Whatever you call it, making a homemade stew can help with your overspending hangover, too. Actually, eating anything homemade can. 🍽


Skipping take-out all together after the holiday rush of buying can help curb your overall spending. The holiday parties may have been different this year but if you have any leftovers, you can repurpose that food in all sorts of ways. That leftover lechon could definitely make some tasty tacos or tortas for lunch.🌮 You have no excuse not to store leftovers! Porque you should have plenty of empty sour cream and butter containers handy. 


Also, don’t forget your freezer! You probably already have food in there. 🙌🏽 Microwave those frozen dinner enchiladas and burritos before ordering from your fave taqueria. Same goes for all those non-perishables in your kitchen cabinets. Give yourself a NEW New Year’s resolution to totally eat all the food you already have in your casa before moving on to outside food (aside from fresh produce). 🥳Don’t forget to save THOSE food containers as well! Tu mamá would want it that way.



We know seeing all the little repairs around the home can make that overspending cruda headache even worse. So, learn from your papi and tíos and fix those things yourself! ⚒Use el Google and watch el YouTube for free tutorials on home repairs. 👩🏽‍💻Check if you already have the tools you need to fix anything before buying new tools. And think like your papi. Figure out if tools you have can be used in other ways. You’ll save money and that sense of accomplishment tastes better than any coquito. 💪🏽


You can also use this time to organize the headache that is your drawers and closets. You may even find items that you no longer want or need that you can sell online. Extra cash is definitely a pain reliever for the overspending cruda!🤑 And an organized closet means you can actually see all the stylish clothes you already have for the next family fiesta.🎉



Ay, ok, it’s probably time to acknowledge that your mama was probably right. “Te dije que quedaras en casa.”🤦🏽‍♀️ Yes, yes. But now you can take her advice as a way to help cure the cruda! Stay home and get creative with some Cheaptertainment. Downsizing on streaming is big in our savings book pero you can still rent individual movies on several streaming platforms for cheap prices. 🍿And we already know you’re aware of all the comida in your casa, so get creative with your movie snacks tambien.


We also know 2020 has been a tough year economically for several people but if you celebrated the holidays with gifts, 🎁well, use the post-holidays to enjoy them! Game nights, puzzle nights, coloring book nights, night nights (that’s where you sit in the dark in your casa and enjoy the saving you’re getting on your electric bill). 🤷🏽‍♀️


And if the weather is nice, a little ejercicio goes a long way in helping that overspending cruda. 🚴🏼‍♂️Your mama will approve of this one. Best thing is, so much of outside exercise is free. Keep your distance and mask up! But getting that blood flowing will make your head, your heart, and your wallet feel so much better.🧘🏽‍♀️



When all else fails, you must go back to the most efficient way to cure an overspending cruda: a nice, tall glass of spicy “budgeto clamato.” Salt that rim with some spicy goodness and get down to looking at your overall finances.✍🏽 We’ve already talked about how good Cheaptertainment can make you feel and cutting subscription services you don’t use out of your bills will make you feel even better.


After cutting out all those unnecessary expenses, check out those bills for any fees or charges that you can have taken off. Look at any recurring payments and see if you can lower any rates for 2021. Lowering your rates is like lowering the amount of budgeto clamato in your cup as you drink it down.


Finally, make your budget as tight as possible for as long as possible. 📆You want to pay off that overspending cruda from gifts quick. Figure out how much extra you have to pay, make a plan, cut back wherever you can and live the simplest life. If you can save while you also pay off your cruda, WEPA! You’re gonna feel 💯in no time.


The best way to avoid an overspending cruda is to plan ahead and budget for what you might spend before the holidays hit. 🎄We know how tempting the buying party is though! You go out, thinking you have it under control, until you find yourself on your third shot of Target orders. 😬And then you wake up the morning after, with that super overspending cruda, and you always say “ay, I’ll never spend that much again!”


Pero, no judgement! Just remember our cruda kit to make you feel como nuevo, again.🙏🏽




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