How To Spend Con Mucha Mucha Intention

How To Spend Con Mucha Mucha Intention

Walter Mercado 🧙🏼 may no longer be with us in the physical form, but we have a feeling that he’s currently 💫 sparkling and dazzling alongside other celestial beings as part of the cosmos that he always spoke so lovingly about and we’re also sure that he continues to send us mucho, mucho amor. 💕


Not only that, but we have a feeling that Walter would be proud of us because we’ve been using the love he so intentionally channeled during his life as our inspiration to practice conscious spending and we want to share this concept with you.


What is mindful spending?

Some call it conscious spending, some call it mindful spending, some call it intentional spending. We call it spending à la Walter Mercado because it is best when you practice it con inteción pero sobre todo con mucho, mucho amor. In a nutshell 🥜, mindful spending encourages you to think about and consider how every single purchase that you make supports your goals, needs, and values.


Can you practice mindful spending and stick to a budget at the same time?

Absolutely. You definitely want to have a budget set up so that you know how much money you can mindfully spend at any given time or else you’re not truly spending mindfully because you’re not taking into consideration how your purchases affect your financial short and long-term goals.


What’s the point of practicing mindful spending?

It keeps you from spending money 💸 on things that don’t serve you or your goals. You can use the money you save and invest it or use it to purchase things that do serve you and help you actually live the kind of life you want to be living.


What does Walter Mercado have to do with any of this?

Walter was nothing if not mindful and mindful spending is just another aspect of being mindful, which is why we’re using three Walter Mercado quotes to break down the basics of mindful spending.

🔮 “Postula exactamente qué quieres.”

Visualize exactly what it is that you want your financial future to look like. Believe that you can achieve it. Plan, save, and spend accordingly.

☮️ “Y que reciban de mi siempre, paz, mucha paz.”

You should be at peace with any purchases you make. They should not make you feel guilty, mess with your financial goals, or bring you shame. Your purchases should add value and joy to your life. If they don’t, then you aren’t being mindful.


💗 “El amor es la razón de todo.”

Make every spending decision con mucho, mucho amor. That means love for yourself, love for your financial goals, and also love for what will bring you pleasure. Don’t buy something because it’s on sale. Buy something because you want it or need it. Buying something on sale that you don’t need, never really wanted, and won’t end up using doesn’t actually save you any money and it’s not a mindful purchase made with love. It’s a careless impulse purchase.


And that amig@s is how you can practice mindful spending á la Walter Mercado. Would Walter be proud of how you’ve been spending your dinerito?



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