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How to Protect Your Money in 2023

How to Protect Your Money in 2023

Los Reyes Magos came and went, the tamales are finally a meal of the past, and now it’s time to gear up and prepare for what is ahead. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. There are 5 Santos you can pray to in order to have a successful and financially stable 2023.  2022 had its bumps, but your money will stay safe if you pray to these 5 saints and of course do as they would because as your Abuela says, “faith without works is dead.” 

Santa Interest

The one who will help you increase your savings earnings because you went ahead and moved your hard-earned money to a high-yield savings account. Santa interest is interested (get it?), in making you money while you sleep. 

How you might ask? Unlike the typical savings account with super low interest rates, a high-yield savings account (often an online bank) will reward you for keeping your money with them, some with interest rates as high as 4%! 

Don’t be fooled, 4% might sound small to the ears, but it’s a lot more than the .04% you’re probably getting at your current bank. Plus, if there is one thing we know is that money accumulates so why not take advantage? CHA-CHING!

San Cambio

The one who considers switching bank accounts if there’s another one offering them even better deals. 

The reality of managing money successfully comes down to being on the lookout for ways to level up. So when these bank accounts snooze they lose, and if you can get better rewards then it’s time to live by San Cambio’s motto and say, “Thank you, next.” 

Santa SUMA


Our personal favorite! She is Fabulosa like your favorite cleaning supply, but instead of cleaning your floors, she will help you clean up your finances and save you money whenever possible.

Santa SUMA is the one who will remind you to cancel those unused subscriptions that keep draining your budget, she will make sure you pay your bills on time, and of course, nudge you when you’re being a little loc@ with your spending.

San Negociador

Now your wallet’s ultimate sidekick, San Negociador. San Negociador is the one who will renegotiate bills to make sure you are getting a bang for your buck! 

Suddenly, being a little chismos@ can be a blessing because asking a company to match la vecina’s price could ultimately save you hundreds of dollars every month. Savings on savings is what our financial dreams are made of. 

San Retirement

And of course, future you’s favorite, San Retirement. He might look a little on the slow side, pero his thinking can be as sharp any 20 year old.  

He is devoted to making sure you have a comfortable cushion to chill on once you reach retirement age. Pero he can only work his magic if you take advantage of a 401K. 

That means it’s your turn to check your 401(k) either to activate it, transfer it, or keep an eye on it to make sure it continues to be aligned with your long-term retirement goals. 

All of these 5 santos and their blessings are here to help you thrive financially this year. Don’t just stand there, it’s time to act and claim all the dinero prosperity!

We know managing your finances can be overwhelming, so if you need support let us help you with our FREE resources. Check out our tabs above and let’s get you started on the right foot. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal 

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