How To Fix A Budget Latin@ Style

How To Fix A Budget Latin@ Style

Would you believe it if we told you that tres cubetas 🪣🪣🪣  is all you need to save buckets of  💵money that you can then invest to make more buckets of money? Well, you should believe it because if you budget using the tres cubetas method, that is exactly what you can do. Let’s make your mommy and JBalvin Proud, shall we?


See, what you’re gonna wanna do is separate your spending into three different bucket categories:

🪣 –  Fixed expenses: Your fixed expenses include items like rent or mortgage payments, car payments, insurance premiums, and anything that gets paid on a regular basis and is a fixed cost.

🪣 –  Variable expenses: Variable expenses include food 🥟, clothing 👖, repairs 🛠️, and fuel ⛽ costs. You can estimate these by checking out what you’ve spent in past months.

🪣 –  Occasional expenses: For this think regalos 🎁 and travel 🧳. Come up with a number by estimating the total amount you can afford to spend per year and dividing it by 12 to come up with a monthly amount.


Once you get an estimated amount for each cubeta, add them all together and subtract the total from your monthly income. 🧮 The results will give you your bottom line after all expenses have been paid and help you re-budget when necessary.


Let’s break it down:

 ➕ If your bottom line is a positive number: ¡Bien hecho! You’re bringing in more money than you’re spending. Invest that extra money to achieve your financial goals and save for retirement. Ayyyy that’s what we mean hiring “Con Altura!”

➖ If your bottom line is a negative number: No, pues, no. Something has to change or you will get further into debt. Reassess your expenses and find ways to cut costs especially in that variable expenses cubeta. Stop eating out, cancel any unused subscriptions, etc. no más noches de perreo por un rato, mij@.

⚖️  If your bottom line is at 0: You’re breaking even. Cool, cool, but take a look at the numbers again just to make sure you got your calculations correct and also to see if there is room to increase your bottom line by cutting down on certain expenses.


The thing about budgeting is that it doesn’t have to be intimidating it can be fun like reggaeton. You just have to find a system that makes sense to you and that you will stick to. Hope this 🪣🪣🪣 cubeta system inspires you to take a look at your current financial situation and make whatever changes are necessary to meet your financial goals. Y como dice JBalvin “Le go!” a ahorrar se ha dicho!


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