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How To Decline Free Work Like A Classy Muchachit@

You’ve likely heard the compliments from brand managers online followed up by a request to collaborate as a brand ambassador. It’s flattering but unless they’re offering to contribute to your survival fund, what are they really offering? You already have experience. You may even already be an expert! So next time someone offers you free products or a shout out in exchange for your sweat equity, thank them for reaching out and then hit them with these responses like a true jef@.


Set Your Fee

“Thank you for your msg! This link takes you to my pricing packages. I’d love to work together!”

After you’ve thanked them, let them know what you charge for the work they are asking. Finish with telling them you’ve love to collaborate (on your terms!) 🤑


Confirm Your Needs

“This sounds right up my alley. I am so happy you reached out. Can you confirm this is a paid opportunity?”

Once you’ve told them how great a fit their campaign is, ask them to confirm there will be compensation. 🙋No need to beat around any bushes while you’re on the clock! 


Send Regrets

“Thank you for thinking of me for this opportunity. Unfortunately, at this time I am unable to take on any unpaid projects but do reach out if that changes.”

If they’ve already let you know the project is unpaid–once again, show gratitude for the opportunity while letting them know that working unpaid is not possible. Time is money! 🕔💰


Offer Value

“Thank you for your message. I usually do this through a consultation so feel free to book one using this link. Looking forward to getting into further detail with you on this!”

If advice is what they seek, let them know that information is offered through consultation and then let them know how they can book you. Tell them you are excited to offer them your services and turn this lead into a booking! 📅


It’s your turn, mij@. You’ve put in the sweat equity and are ready to level up and demand your worth. First – we are so proud of you. Second – practice these responses and commit to them! Third – catch you on the sweet side of success! 💃🏼💸


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