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How To Avoid Impulse Purchases

How To Avoid Impulse Purchases

We’re all guilty of it. We often make purchases without thinking. We know that sales are meant to tempt us and stores place items by the checkout counter to grab our attention. So why do we fall for it? And how can we stop it? By staying present in what we’re doing, we can’t get carried away and forget about our budgets. Es hora de confesar.

Plan Purchases

Always make a shopping list for things you need. Don’t shop without this list. It will keep you focused on collecting items solely from that list. If they are larger purchases, take time to research and shop around to make sure you aren’t just buying the most expensive option.

Make a “Want” List

If you want to buy something that doesn’t fit on the necessity shopping list, add it to a “Want” list and mark the date. Then wait 30 days and see if you still want it. If you think about this item again before 30 days is up, mark that date down and note the changes in your body that occurred when you thought of it again. By becoming more aware of the urge, you are moving towards preventing the thoughtlessness of impulse buying.

Don’t Go Shopping

This one sounds difficult but it’s easy. Don’t go where you will be tempted. Only shop when it’s absolutely necessary and always bring a list. If you only need a couple items, see if that trip can be combined with another one so you can get it all done at once. Less exposure means less temptation.


If the urge strikes, take a time out. Take a walk, meditate, pide a dios, something-anything to distract yourself. Even just breathing in and out slowly while counting to 10 will help.

Measure the value in energy spent

A real eye opener is when you want a shiny new item but the price tag casi te duele. By dividing the price of the item by your actual hourly wage, you’ll know exactly how many hours you spent working and this may shock you into changing your mind.

Freeze your credit card

If you aren’t having any luck controlling your impulses and are consistently popping up with new purses or gifts for everyone, including tus primos, it may be time to freeze your cards. En serio, put them in the freezer in a ziplock bag filled with water, so the ice that builds around it covers your credit card information. The next time you get the urge to

buy, you will have to wait for it to thaw and will likely change your mind.

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