How Bad Financial Decisions Look Like

Join us as we get some tissues and play sad Vicente Fernandez songs to cry over our past bad money choices😭. Some financial mistakes leave a bad taste in your mouth. Kind of like that novi@ that used to put onions on everything😳.

Remember when you went to Las Vegas for your pana’s bachelor party and came back with a bad tattoo and one less suitcase😵‍💫? Well, some of us go to the store to buy groceries to make abuelita’s tamales and come home with two carts full of Takis, expensive beer, and 10 pounds of frutas you planned to make fruit salad with but never did🗑️. #shoppingwhilehungry is a dinero sin.

And if you ever swiped right on someone without reading their bio, only to find out your date catfished you, you might understand what it’s like leasing without reading your contract☠️. Fue horrible! You did not read all the utilities and charges added on. Taking the time to look it over might save you a headache later.✔️

Then there are those people that sign up for credit cards as if they were gift cards you get from your tíos during Noche Buena🎁. Often, they forget how many they registered for, until the credit card charges came back like those exes toxic@s that try to win you back with a serenata🎸.

Have you also made some sus financial choices that you obsess over🤔? Let us know what they are so we can light a few candles for you🕯️!

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