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Holy Savings Goals

Holy Savings Goals

Nothing is more comforting than knowing una vela🕯is lit and a patron or patrona is looking over you. Now SUMA wants to introduce three NEW velas for las saving saints to add to those you already have.🙌


🚨SANTA CRISIS (patron of emergency funds)

An emergency fund is dinero set aside to cover any random surprise expenses you might have. Like a car breaking down or an unavoidable medical procedure. This could be something like 1-3 months of expenses. So write down the amount you want to save para Santa Crisis!


✈️SAN PILOTO (patron of travel funds)

Ay, break out that vision board and plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take: drinking wine in Mendoza, sitting on the beach in Cancun, ziplining in Arenal. Whatever it is, figure out how much it will cost and write it down para San Piloto!


📊SAN BALLER (patron saint of investing)

There are so many options to invest even small amounts each month. Do your research and decide where you want to put your money. Maybe a ROTH IRA or the stock market. Whatever is right for you, decide on how much you ultimately want to invest and write it down para San Baller!


After deciding which vela to light🕯, The Balance blog has a few suggested steps:

⏲create a timeline to reach your goal which brings more motivation to keep on track

📆set monthly goals of amounts to set aside to save separately from your regular savings

💸automatically take out that amount from your budget each month so you can’t spend it elsewhere

🤔and choose the right sort of savings account (like, if you’re saving longer term, consider a mutual fund).


You can always light more than one vela🕯 to save for more than one thing but make sure you keep track using a spreadsheet or even a savings app. And if you have multiple velas lit, make sure you pay attention to them so you don’t burn la casa to the ground! Both figuratively and literally. Ay dios. 🙆


SUMA is here to help every step of the way!🤝 Not only with suggesting new patron and patronas but also with our Dinero Sessions and Bootcamps. Sign up to get more info or text us📲 HOLA at 323-629-8732

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