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SAVER Tuesday is better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday… here’s why 

Here’s the truth… Black Friday or Cyber Monday is not worth it. AY! We know that felt like a coscorrón, but we are just trying to knock some sense into your head because there will be a temptation to shop this entire week. 

You’ve probably already seen the “BLACK FRIDAY STARTS NOW!” “CYBER MONDAY is HERE” emails and advertisements everywhere you look. But please don’t do it mij@! 

Now, you might be thinking, “but SUMA, this is the best time to get deals!” and we are here to tell you BASTA with that mentality! Black Friday and Cyber Monday used to be the biggest shopping day of the year but now the occasion has been so worn out that in reality you’re better off shopping their sale section during any day of the year. 

Sure, there might be some blockbuster deals that will make you think twice about the truth of our statement, but oftentimes the availability of the item is SO limited that the only chance you might get your hands on it is if you wait in line for hours. This might sound similar to the famous empanadas your vecina sells, but unlike the deals on Black Friday the empanadas ARE worth it!

To be fair, we are not knocking down our beloved bargain shoppers, because if there is a way to save money you bet we are rooting for you, but if you’re just shopping to shop you might want to reconsider before you swipe that card. 

then let us suggest an even better holiday that everyone can get behind… It’s SAVER TUESDAY!

What is it you might ask? SIMPLE! All you have to do is tune out the ads and all the chisme about the “great deals” going on and keep that wallet where it belongs: tucked away in your pocket!

It’s super easy to participate and the whole familia is invited! Time to forget about the trinkets that will catch dust in a few months and work towards developing habits that can last a lifetime. 

And as a member of the SUMA family, we have tools and resources for you to stay on top of your finances. Things like a debt calculator, financial goal tracker, and our App where you’ll get personalized tips to become the money boss you deserve this holiday season.

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