Got A Raise? Here’s What To Do Next

Got A Raise? Here's What To Do Next

When we have been waiting to have a bigger paycheck and it actually happens, we want to show the world what a success we are. Sí se pudo!


You know, buy some earrings de oro. A brand new Mustang. A whole closet with fancy clothes. This is the picazón del lifestyle inflation. Pero hold-up. Don’t scratch! First, read these tips on how to preserve that extra income.



Instead of matching your expenses to fit your new paycheck, what if you live la vida simple and set some income aside? You don’t want debt, interest, and zero savings to come knocking on your door years later. Not even some palo santo is going to ward those off. Put some dinerito aside and keep off being a chic@ fres@, at least until you have all your bases covered.



Making a budget is easier than it seems. Put on your thinking cap and write down how much you have coming in, how much you want to spend. Make sure to spend less than what you make. Despite what Bad Bunny may say, take your cinco mil and don’t go to Sephora. Take into account taxes, retirement money, and any insurance you pay. Soon, you will be a pro predictor of your savings, a Walter Mercado of your financial future.



What would you ask your fairy madrina if she could give you the best future possible? Your own casita? No more college debt? Los glass slippers? Open your mind and think about what a financially secure future might look like for you. Now you know which goals to work towards! And you didn’t even need a magic wand or a limpia.

Of course, you can use that extra dinero if the need arises. And if there is some extra cash, treat yourself! Go on a vacation once in a while to visit your abuelitos. If you use these tips, you can enjoy life as well as make sure that lifestyle inflation doesn’t turn your bright future into the life of a broke presumid@.

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