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Did you read that right? YEP! As we work towards financial wellness in 2023 there are many free resources available to get started. Here are five options to consider:

Government websites 

For the people and by the people is a motto that the government truly lives by and as expected, many government agencies offer free financial resources, including information on budgeting, saving, and investing. For example, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has a website called that provides educational materials for investors! While the IRS has a section on its website dedicated to tax information and resources.

Now, if government websites are not your jam and you’re looking for a holistic review of financial topics + something that speaks to your Latinidad, we got you! Take a look at our SUMAVERSITY where you can learn all about dinero and how to make it work for you. Join the the hundreds of Latin@s that have already taken advantage of this free resouce and let’s you on the path of financial freedom.

Nonprofit organizations 

Nonprofits are financial angels for communities who have limited resources. As expected, nonprofits often offer free financial resources and services, such as budgeting and debt management help. 

That means that if you have a family member that is struggling financially and needs help pronto, they can reach out and receive a helping hand to better their finances.  Here’s are 3 organizations whose mission is to help our comunidad through financial literacy and resources!

  • ​​National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC): The NFCC is a network of non-profit credit counseling agencies that provide free credit counseling and financial education resources.
  • Financial Counseling Association of America (FCAA): The FCAA is a professional association for financial counselors that provides resources and training for its members. PLUS It also has a directory of member agencies that offer free financial counseling services to the public.
  • Cooperative Extension: This one is new to us, but a great way to check your local resources! Many states have a Cooperative Extension office that offers free financial education resources and classes, often in partnership with local universities. The best way to find something close to you make sure to type “cooperative extension + your state/city.“ Look around and decide which one sounds most appealing!

Financial calculators 

The internet has given us an incredible amount of access to information and aside from courses and websites, there are many online financial calculators available that can help you plan and track your financial goals. These can include calculators for things like retirement savings, mortgage payments, and investment returns. 

And in case you didn’t know, SUMA has a financial toolkit that is completely free to use! Here are some of the calculators you can use to get a better sense of where you stand financially

Rent or Home Owner Calculator

Grow Your Savings Calculator

Pay Your Credit Card Calculator

Financial Gooooal Tracker 

Savings Calculator

Side Hustler Evaluator

Right about now sounds like a good time to jump of happiness, because who knew so many resources where available, verdad?!


A round of applause for the OG source of free information! YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY! 

Libraries have a wide range of free financial resources, including books, magazines, and online resources. Many libraries also offer free financial workshops and classes, it’s all about putting your chismos@ skills into use for good and figuring out when these events are happening.

Ahora si, there are no more excuses! By using these free resources, you can take the first steps towards improving your financial wellness in 2023. Remember that building wealth is a journey that has ups and downs, but will be worth it if you remain patient and committed to your wallet. You got this!


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