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Folklorico Steps To Good Financial Habits

We won’t lie, mijit@s. We get a little teary eyed when we watch a baile folklorico. 🥲 It’s beautiful to watch the women dressed in bright colored ruffled skirts and men in their nice shirts and sombreros dance together. 💃🕺 There’s a sense of cultural pride watching them perform. It took them a lot of hard work and practice to honor the traditions of our heritage. One of these is mastering the steps to the bailes. The steps bring everything together into harmony. ❤️


The same principle can be used when thinking about your finances. 🤔 Imagine memorizing and putting into practice the different steps to help bring your finances together. Each step is fairly simple…


The first step you have to memorize is paying off debt. 💰 The fewer bills you have to pay, the better off financially you’re going to be. You’re always going to have to pay rent/mortgage, food, and a utilities bill, but debt is something that can eventually go away. ❌  Paying off credit card debt or a loan is going to shrink your monthly costs, giving you more money for yourself. It’s a vital step to bring your finances into a beautiful dance. 


The second step—save! This step is crucial to setting yourself up for financial success. 💯 Saving your money into an emergency fund or just savings is giving you financial power. You don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck or have anxiety that you won’t be able to pay the car repair. Because you’re taking the steps to save, you’re given the freedom to live without financial worry. 😊 That sounds like a pretty beautiful way of living to us! 


Our last step to put into practice is investing. Not only is investing important to setting up yourself for financial success, it’s vital for creating generational wealth. 📈 How the heck do you begin to invest, you ask? Ya tú sabes that we got you here at SUMA! Check out our article When to Start Investing here and get ready to get yourself in the game. 😎


Putting these steps into practice will help you create a beautiful financial dance where you’re free and happy to make decisions in your life. 😁 In the meantime as you start putting these steps into practice, we’ll be putting on our dresses and sombreros for the next baile folklorico. 💃🕺 

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