Instant Gratification vs Lasting Gratification

We all know of the endless abyss of instant gratification. Just like that last spoonful of horchata ice cream you said you would stop eating 5 minutes ago, as soon as you get a hit of that dopamine, you realize you want more. The same goes for those habits we’ve developed of swiping our credit card for instant gratification only to feel guilty afterwards because we owe a couple of Gs to the bank! 😫💸

Did you REALLY need that new bag RIGHT NOW?👛 How about those new rims for your car? 🚗 It might make you look slick, but it is keeping you in debt mij@. 😓 Just like ice cream, instant gratification doesn’t last long and melts away quickly. 🍦 But you know what doesn’t? Lasting gratification and our friends at @joinreel know all about it! 😉

So how can you achieve lasting gratification while still getting the things you want? Well, you say yes to saving and pair it with patience. Want that new phone? Or that fabulous new vacation? ¡Genial! Start a savings plan —the neat tools from @joinreel are a great start— and get closer to your goals. 🤑📈

You don’t have to put yourself down for wanting something nice, but what you do have to do is think long-term! What is the best for both —your account and your mental health? Yep, you’ve got it: everything starts with being debt and stress-free. 🤓💪🏽 So be good to yourself and your bank account this #mentalhealthawareness month.

🚨 And to get you started you can get a $25 credit on your first Reel above $75 with code C-SUMA25. Ándale, take advantage! Money management, here we come! 🤩

*Coupon valid on a new Reel only. Cannot be combined with other promotions. One-time use. Coupon expires on 7/31/21 at 11:59 pm PT.

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