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How to Make Ends Meet Like a Luchador

How to Make Ends Meet Like a Luchador

Balancing your bills and budget can feel like you’re wrestling. 🤼 You do your best to get that spending down ⬇️ and your money up ⬆️.  But if you want to kill the game, 🧘‍♂️channel your inner Luchador. The wrestlers of the Lucha Libre are the perfect inspiration to get you libre from debt. Órale 💪, you can be financially powerful! Just learn from the signature attacks 👊 of Suma’s Financial Fighters. 

Our own Luchadores are showing you how to rule the ring of money management 💸💼. You need agility, strength, and showmanship to get your best financial future. Not to mention a kick-@ss mask. 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

In this corner, we have El Wise Wey🦹‍♂️. His signature attack is to track his income and spending 🗓. One of the keys to wealth wisdom is to track everything! Monitor all of the money coming in and out of your life ✅. That’s why they call it cash flow because it flows in and out. Like El Wise Wey, track every time you spend money and all the income coming in ✅. By tracking you can take a look at your financial picture and what you want to change. That’s the best way to dodge money mistakes.💡

In this corner, we have La Penny Saver 👩‍🎤. Her favorite attack is to kick back💥…a little of whatever she earns. Saving a little bit whenever you get some cash is great. Whether to save to pay taxes, invest or to build your survival savings saving is key🔑. Saving money can be just as important as making money. Saving money means you always have some dinero to be your own din-HERO🥇 whenever something comes up. 

Finally, we have El Hustler🤑. His “hustle” attack can be a way of life. Making a little extra chamba on the side can be your savior 🙏🏼. Having a few gigs means you aren’t stuck to any one job. It also covers you if anything happens✨. A side hustle means money is coming from a few places which can help you feel more secure and make more powerful career choices. Be your own jefe! 👨‍💼👩‍💼💰


The next time you’re stressing about money, just imagine you’re a luchador about to get in the ring and know…you’re going to win!🏆







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