3 Easy Ways to Achieve Early Retirement

3 Easy Ways to Achieve Early Retirement

Not everyone has a guy like @jbalvin does to handle his lunch dinero, but to retire early you don’t have to be the most famous Reggaeton singer in the world. Starting to budget early and being aware of your money decisions is key to achieving that goal!

Here at SUMA we are putting your early retirement primero. Flavor guaranteed with these 3 hot off the grill steps!!


No. 1: El Big Income

No matter where you are in your career, income flow is key. Know your worth—what you bring to the table for ANY job—and use that to help negotiate your salary. Then you can grow your salary, and your skills, from there.

Once you’ve secured your active income, ie a reliable full-time or part-time income stream.💰😉

Don’t limit yourself! Get creative with realistic ways to earn additional income but also without wearing yourself out! 🤑

No 2: Fry Your Expenses


Live within your means… and even below si puedes. Stop spending already 🛑😤!!

Repeat after us, “Hay comida en la casa!.” 🍛 Cooking meals at home and making your cafeito ☕️, too, will save you money!👏🏽

A budget will also help you see where you can stop spending on tonterias 🤡 and start investing that cash into your future!

No. 3: Invest in a Hurry.

Invest in yourself! After figuring out your income and reducing your expenses, put that extra $ into a savings account.

Invest in your future by taking action in the present 🙌🏽 The earlier you start, and the more you can invest, the bigger the Flan to enjoy in your early retirement. 😋

Just imagine how pronto you can retire if you do! 🥳💰


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