Money Talks August 2021 | Fernanda Perez

Dodging Money Hits Like


Has your wallet been taking a hit from all these expenses that seem to come out of nowhere? Well, being as agile and fast as Speedy has never been so easy, pero you have to listen carefully and take action. Arribaaa!!

Ay! Subscription charges are coming at you from the side! When was the last time you checked how many subscription services you are signed up for? Do you use all of them? Have you checked whether you are paying for more than one user? Sometimes checking your settings will show that you might be paying more than you thought you were. If you have cable but don’t really watch much TV, canceling it will definitely help your wallet.

Bank fees are another hit you can avoid. Some banks charge you a fee unless you maintain a minimum balance. You might also take a hit if you don’t deposit a certain amount per month. Checking your bank account will lend you some of Speedy’s skills in dodging those fees.

Have you gone over your cellphone bill recently? You may see charges based on how much data you use. There are so many plans available, dodging these charge hits is relatively easy.

And of course another simple hit to prevent involves those expensive purchases. Look at Speedy, he has a simple sombrero and doesn’t need any fancy clothes or cars because he knows he’s awesome. Checking in with yourself might show you whether you are buying luxury items for you or for others.

And just like Speedy you have now entered the Financial Literacy Matrix and are on the express lane to Financial Freedom! Let’s gooooo!

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