DINEROVERSE: The Land Of Your Financial Dreams

DINEROVERSE: The Land Of Your Financial Dreams

Bienvenidos to SUMA’S first-ever DINEROVERSE! This FREE virtual event is a fun and easy way to learn what it takes to get financial security for the life you’ve been dreaming of. Yep, the one where you always have enough money to do the things you want not to mention dinero left over to help out your familia. (Tu mamá’s iphone 3 won’t last forever, mij@!) With SUMA’s DINEROVERSE, this dream can become reality. 

DINEROVERSE is jam-packed with lots to see and do. Come take a walk through our customizable virtual environment and one-of-a-kind hybrid experiences where digital entertainment meets finance. 

You’ll have the opportunity to chat all things dinero with financial coaches and other amig@s with similar interests. You may even find a DBFF (Dinero Best Friend Forever)! Come watch fun videos, take interactive quizzes, and participate in wealth-building giveaways. DINEROVERSE is available from the comfort of your very own tech-device. So feel free to wear those holiday stretch pants and enjoy some  tamales while you’re at it! We won’t judge. 


Here’s a summary of the must-see events:

Dinerovela 🎞

Introducing the first ever digitally-interactive financial telenovela with a twist! Find out which type of telenovela character you are and gain valuable advice for your financial future. Ay, the drama!

Money Mariachi 🎺

No Latin@ event would be complete without music, so be sure to drop by our digital Mariachi Plaza −  inspired by Mexico City’s famed Plaza Garibaldi. Come listen to our beautiful SUMA-fied mariachi ballads, as we serenade you with tips on investing and saving money. Feel free to give a grito or two!

SUMA Academy 📚

Join the SUMA Academy to learn all about your money matters. No need to rush to class or sit through boring lectures. Learn what it takes to manage your dinero so that you can begin your journey to wealth-building. And be sure to pick up those cool sunglasses for your bright future!

Money y Mochas ☕️

SUMA is all about connecting future “gente-preneurs”. Por eso, we’ve created Money y Mochas, a virtual coffee shop where you can connect with established entrepreneurs to discuss money matters through their personal experiences − in ways only we can relate to. This is a great event for those of you wanting to start your own business! Sounds like you, verdad?!

Credit Cocina 🌮

Growing up in a Latin@ household, you can be assured that comida will be served at any event. But did you know that the type of food served at these special occasions can teach you a thing or two about your  financial health? Find out how Chase can help during these special life moments, so you can be financially secure enough to enjoy them. Pass the pozole, por favor!

Financial Gym 🏋️‍♂️

Just like our bodies need exercise especially after the dozens of tacos, pupusas, or arepas you’ll be devouring over the holidays so does our dinero. Therefore, we’ve created the first ever Investing Gym: a unique “fitness program” tailored to your “wealth-being” based on customized dinero workout plans, created by Morgan Stanley’s elite Personal Financial Trainers. At least you won’t be sore the next day!

Financial Limpia

Have you ever wished you had a financial curander@ to cleanse out all the negative vibes of your dinero-making hustle? Fortunately, help has arrived! Let our spiritual healer guide you and clear the way for a zen connection between your mind and wallet. Time to speak abundance into your life, WEPA! 


And the best part of the DINEROVERSE? Admission is completely FREE! Yep. Zilch. Cero. Nada. Just sign up on our website and choose the time you’d like to participate in our virtual-fest. Then, be sure to clear your calendar. Set your alarm even! ‘Cause you know there’s bound to be at least half-a-dozen familia gatherings happening that day tambien! So click belowright now before you forget!  ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️



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