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I Want to Donate Money, Pero Like, I’m on a Tight Budget

I Want to Donate Money, Pero Like, I’m on a Tight Budget

Our country is experiencing a cultural shift as conversations about anti-racism become more prevalent, and protestors take to the streets and demand justice for the innocent Black lives who were murdered while under police custody. 

As a non-Black Latinx, I know how important it is to stand in solidarity and join the fight with my Afro-Latinx and Black brothers and sisters.

But while protesting and educating ourselves is essential, there are many other ways to support organizations who are on-the-ground and have spent years fighting for justice and against racism.

Many are stepping up and donating to bailout funds for protestors, and directly to Black Lives Matter, for example.

So if you donate, por favor do it responsibly. Over 3 million Americans remain unemployed, and we are still under a pandemic that has forced many small business owners to close their doors. Don’t forget to take care of you too, boo.

So, how do you donate and do your part without adding to your debt? 


Write out your expenses and break them down with the 50/30/20 rule. Fifty percent goes towards your never-changing expenses—also known as your fixed expenses, like rent, mortgage, etc. Twenty percent will go towards your savings and debt repayments. And 30 percent will go towards your fluctuating costs—also known as a variable expenses. These are things like groceries, shopping, and DONATIONS! 


Another option is to reach out to your employer and find out if your company has a social responsibility policy. Often, a company will match your donation or even multiply your original donation. Before doing this, make sure that the organization you wish to fund is an approved non-profit and that it falls under your company’s donation guidelines. 


You can also put your tax refund and credit card rewards to good use! You can redeem your rewards for cash back or take your entire tax refund and donate that money to a specific organization. Plus donations are tax-deductible so this will help you out when you file next year’s taxes!

Once you’ve figured out what method works best for you, here are a few organizations that you can donate to:

Black Lives Matter

A global organization that is fighting for the freedom of Black people from violence and systemic issues of racism that exist in the United States.

ActBlue Bail Fund

This bail fund will split your donation among multiple bail funds across the country.

The LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund

This fund supports the safe release of LGBTQ+ individuals who are in jail and in detention centers.

You can view more by checking out this compiled list of organizations across the country. 

If none of these methods apply to you and money is tight, don’t lose hope! 

You can still make a difference and fight for injustice without spending a dime. Remember that time is money, and that is also a valuable investment. 

You could volunteer your time with local grassroots organizations, protest virtually, and call and email your local officials to demand that they instill policies and laws that dismantle the racist and systemic institutions that exist in cities across our nation. 

Let’s continue to fight for injustice, familia! When one of us is hurting, we are all hurting. Let’s be the change and stand up for what’s right.





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