Money Talks September 2021 | Brandon Rodriguez

Create Your Emergency Fund Salsa


Get out the molcajete!

We aren’t going to make salsa or guacamole 🥑 today, although our mouths are watering thinking about having a chile de arbol salsa right now. 😋 We’re going to do something a little bit different and mix up your expenses in our financial molcajete!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “my financial padrinos have gone locos!” 😜 Stick with us as we walk you through why you should grind your bills in a financial molcajete.

Ya tú sabes that you should have an emergency fund that you don’t touch. 🚨💰 This fund is for exactly that—emergencies. This is different from having money in your savings account or saving money to buy Bad Bunny tickets. 🎫 This is money set aside that you have strictly for when you don’t have income coming in. Listen here, mijit@s, life is unpredictable. 💯 You have to be ready for what comes at you, especially when it comes to your finances. The emergency could be to make a big purchase like a plane ticket for a family emergency ✈️ or it could be because you lost your job. The time in between jobs is nerve wracking since you have no idea where money is going to come in. 😧

This is where mixing your expenses in the molcajete is important. When you mix your expenses in the molcajete, you’re adding them up to see how much you spend monthly on bills. 📈 Your car payment, rent, phone bill, and utilities are all expenses you grind together in the molcajete like garlic and poblano peppers. 🧄🌶

Once you’ve mixed these all together, you’ll see how much money you spend a month just on bills. This sum is your new goal to work towards to have in your emergency fund. 💪 Let’s say you spend $1,200 a month on your bills alone. That means you need to at least have $1,200 saved up to pay for all your bills. The goal would be to have at least a couple months of money saved. Again, this is a goal. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s something to work toward. 🏋️‍♂️

So grab your financial molcajete, write out your bills, and get to mixing! 😉

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