Clean Up Your Finances


Most of us want to look as fabulous as Bey, but while we all can’t all clean in 6 inch heels, we can all aspire to have our finances super limpias. Pero simplifying can help you find pockets of money to save as well as invest so you can reach those fancy goals. And doing it in tacones won’t be nearly as painful. (Did our abuelas really do this in the 50s?? 👀) Ay pues, here are a few ways to clean up.

1. Roll over 401(k) 💲

Let’s organize first. Combine your retirement accounts from all your past employers into a single IRA.


2. Cut Debt ✂️

Tackling the light chores makes the rest look easier. Pay your smaller debts before your larger ones!


3. Make Your Money Work For You 🔨

Get yourself an account that works for you! Find a better interest rate than your long-term savings or your emergency fund gives you and move that money into an account that will give you a better return! 🏦


4. Set It and Forget It 📅

Like the roomba you scheduled to clean your floors twice a week, you can make paying bills so easy that you don’t even have to think about it! Never pay late fees again. Set up auto pay and pay your bills from one account. 😎


5. Check your Credit Card Statement

Spot check. Are you still paying for memberships to gyms or movie plans that you aren’t using? 🏋🏽‍♀️ If so, cancel them! 🙅‍♀️



Less clutter makes it easier to clean! Scan the paper files you have and then shred them! Get all future bills and financial records delivered digitally.

Now let’s turn those lemons into lemonade, Bae! 😋🍋🐝

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