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Be Like La Morena And Build An Empire

Be Like La Morena And Build An Empire

La Morena has got all your favorite canned food🥫, like her famous pickled jalapenos. But La Morena knows you can’t build an empire without the right ingredients.🌶 And according to Legal Zoom, Latinas are killing it in the US business community right now. Latina small business owners are the fastest growing segment!📈


So, take some inspiration from La Morena, and Forbes, and start putting together the right staples to make a successful entrepreneurial pantry.💰



 Latinos have a built-in work ethic passed down from our padres and abuelos.👨‍🦳 So it may feel like we got this one in the can(ned goods).🤪 But it’s good to remember that you should always be looking for ways to make sure you are doing the best job out there.



Not steamy telenovela passion, unless maybe telenovelas ARE your passion. 📺 But really, it’s easier to be successful in what you do when you’re doing or selling something you truly love. And, ok, maybe that passion should feel as hot as your favorite on-screen couple. 👩‍❤️‍👨



Latinos are experts at creating something out of nothing.🧶 Harness that resourcefulness and out-of-the-box thinking and take it into the business world. Just like La Morena knows that there’s more than one way to store a jalapeño🌶, you know there’s always more than one way to approach every business idea.



 Immigrants are definitely self-starters, coming to a brand new country and starting from scratch. So, take a page from the immigrant hand book and take initiative on business projects.💥 Try to see any challenges you face as a way to grow and make you and your business stronger. 🏋🏽‍♂️



You know how, when you plan a party for a certain time and everyone shows up hours late🕟 pero it’s like whatever? La fiesta is still a blast?🤷🏻‍♀️ Well, that’s kind of like an entrepreneurial skill! Not getting stuck in a certain way of doing things and being able to shake off any setbacks helps make a successful entrepreneur.🙌



Your abuela would totally take the chancla out if you told her you knew more than her.👵 Show her, she’s right! That you don’t know everything but you’re ready to listen and learn. Entrepreneurs have to understand every aspect of their business from accounting to marketing, and everything in between in order to succeed.


Entrepreneurship isn’t a one size (of canned jalapeños🥫) fits all. Stock up on the staples that will help you be the best business owner you can be. Maybe La Morena can help keep a little fire in your tummy🌶 to help motivate you OR maybe you can let SUMA help instead.👍 Text us📲 HOLA at 323-629-8732 for more financial tips and tricks!


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