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Apps To Make Dinero Solitaire Edition

Apps To Make Dinero Solitaire Edition

Latin@s all know about the side hustle life. In fact, we learned from a young age about the importance of getting out there to earn an honest living in whatever ways we can make it happen.💪💵 


Here’s one fun side hustle option. According to The Penny Hoarder, you can get paid every time you win a game of Solitaire Cash on your 📲 and you can make it happen without spending any $ on the app. 


Intrigued? 🤨 So were we! Our team decided to put The Penny Hoarder’s claims to the test and gave Solitaire Cash a try. Here are our 3 key takeaways:


  1. Paciencia y fe! 🙏 Especially if you’re getting to the next level on your own merits vs. buying up the extra credits. Also, maybe brush up on that solitaire knowledge, too. 🧠 The app gives you a quick tutorial but it doesn’t cover all of the rules. 
  2. At the least, it’s a nice quick mental break from reality, and who doesn’t appreciate that right now? #ElectionResults2020 and #pandemic2020, anyone?
  3. There are no third-party ads, though you will be inundated from time to time with banners encouraging you to purchase those extra credits. Remember, just say “NO,” and save your dinero. It can be a tempting move, but you’re here to make money not spend it! For now, hang onto that $20. 


Overall Verdict: #WeAreSuma is all about that extra income stream, so if you’re going to be playing gaming apps anyway, why not turn your time into some well earned 💵? Just know this specific game will be a time investment for the long-term and not the quick money maker you might have hoped to see overnight. AND if you’re super serious about gaming as a career, you can check out the organization #LatinxInGaming to help you make that pivot. 


For now though, anytime your family begins to complain that you spend too much time on your phone, you can tell them that you’re actually hard at work bringing in that 💵  stream. 😎 


Any other gaming apps out there that pay? Asking for a friend 😉 

Drop us a note in the comments below.


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