Achieving Success: One Stitch At A Time

Achieving Success: One Stitch At A Time

Is that great business idea still swirling around in your head? It’s okay. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to turn our dreams into reality. 

That’s why during Hispanic Heritage Month, SUMA is shining a spotlight on Latin@ entrepreneurs who are doing their thing – since the “business gene” legit runs rampant amongst our gente!

Pablo Ramirez is the owner of Stitch Me, a custom-embroidery company in Los Angeles that specializes in screen printing, heat transfer vinyl, decals, and much more. He credits his dad – who had the same type of business but on a much smaller scale – for inspiring him to become an entrepreneur.

Here’s how Pablo took that idea out of his head and started his own business:


Taking the First Step

Just like everything else in life, taking the first step is the hardest – just ask any 8-month old. In Pablo’s case, he knew that if he wanted to start his own business, he needed to save money. 

He worked 2 different jobs – one from 9am-3pm, then another from 4pm-2am. Pablo says, “I started saving as much money as I could so that I could buy machines that I [needed].”


The Rewards of Entrepreneurship 

Being an entrepreneur – like most other jobs – comes with its ups and downs. The best part, according to Pablo, is “You’re your own boss. You get a lot of perks from having your own business [and] you get to create your own schedule and meet a lot of different people. Customers want to know about you.”

As far as the most difficult thing about having your own business – Pablo says for him that came in the beginning. “Ten years ago, not knowing how to get customers or how thigger.”


Those Customers Tho

Customers. You love them, you hate them – you love them again. But we all know that without customers, there is no business – no matter how good your employees or your managing skills are. 

Pablo agrees: “Customers are always right. You have to accommodate their needs, make them happy, [and] have a good reputation.”


Words of Wisdom

So what else do you need to run a business? According to Pablo, “Have a lot of patience, and money saved. [If] you work hard it will pay off [in] the end. If they just set their mind to what their goal is in life or with their business, they should not be afraid to go for it. And I’m sure if they put in the hard work, they should be able to achieve what they have in mind.”

Are you ready to take the first step in starting your own business? Your amig@s at SUMA want to help. Be sure to download the SUMA app and sign-up for the Wealth Building Membership. You can learn how to save money now for your business in the future.

Stitch Me is located at: 709 N Sierra Bonita Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Phone: 323-424-7384

Email: stitchme2013@gmail.come business works, how to pay bills. But once it gets going, it’s fun.”


Where’s Walter Mercado When You Need Him?

One thing an entrepreneur must always focus on is the future of their business. And stay focused. Every major corporation started small, sometimes right out of people’s garages.

When asked what the future holds for Stitch Me, Pablo says, “Definitely open other stores in different cities. [There’s] lots of room to expand and make [the] business grow.”

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