5 Reasons Why Being Dinero Smart Will Change Your Life

5 Reasons Why Being Dinero Smart Will Change Your Life

Money. The thing that makes the world go round and also your primit@s 15 possible. So why is it that so many of us are afraid to talk about it? More often than not, talking about dinero with our families can seem taboo, and sometimes even fire up emotions. We must get past this and continue to bring up such conversations because the reality is that Latin@s are the fastest growing population in the United States, which means that soon our gente will be at the forefront of calling the shots.

That’s why all of us need to be prepared for what is to come. Which is why we believe that financial literacy is a superpower that with time and a little bit of dedication, can help you transform your life. Here are 5 ways learning about how to manage your money can take you from nada to prada:


You Will Feel Like a Jef@

Knowing where your dinero goes is a major factor to nurturing a healthy relationship with your money habits. Unlike el toxic@, keeping a close eye on your finances is the first step towards reaching financial freedom. Not only that, moving through the world without worrying about your financial situation offers a boost of confidence. Feeling like the jef@ of your own life is what we all aspire to, no?!


You Can Help Your Familia

As Latin@s we know everything about everyone, and that means that we are probably the first ones to hear when fulanit@ is struggling with their finances. We want you to be en la boca de todos not because you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, but because you and your familia have taken the right dinero steps to live a comfortable, stress-free life. Por eso, financial literacy is not only a gift to yourself, but an assurance for all those you love as well.  


You’ll Be Able To Live La Buena Vida

Picture this: you’re on a beach relaxing with a piña colada in your hand after a full day of doing absolutely nothing. Ah, la buena vida! Whether your dream is to relax on a beach when you’re 65 or go backpacking around the world, planning ahead is how you can get there. Now with this context in mind we think that planning for retirement sounds like a fantastic idea. You might be thinking, “I’m only 25, isn’t it too early to think about retirement?” The answer is no! The earlier you start the better. Plus you want to use compounding interests to your advantage. 60, flirty, and thriving – here we come!


You’ll Make Dinero While You Sleep!

Did you know that financial literacy is one way to help you sleep? Seriously! Sleep therapy can take many forms and this one is our favorite. It’s called investing and compounding interests! What we mean is that when you put your money to work, aka you invest it or put it away in your 401K, compounding interests works its magic! Eventually by the time you’re ready to slow down and take it easy, the money you invested 20 years before would be worth so much more!


You’ll Pass On Your Wealth To Your Chamac@s

Our two favorite words are “Building Wealth” and it should be yours too! When you take learning about your finances seriously, you will not only reap the reward, but also all those after you. That includes your hijos and their hijos as well! Starting a legacy should not only be about physical wealth but also the information and traditions that surround money. Money is abundant and financial stability is possible for you and your children. 

Now that you know how financial literacy can change your life, we hope that you’ll start taking a couple of steps to achieve it. It’s not easy but trust us when we say that it is absolutely worth it!

Ahora it’s time to use your talking skills and relay this message to all of your family members because the more we all know the better we all do!

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