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8 Signs You’re Good With Money

8 Signs You're Good With Money

It’s normal to not know how good you are with money. But now is the time to become aware of where you are, so you can master building a financial future while making yourself more comfortable now. The more we learn the more we discover how much we do not know.

The Force is strong with this one’s income. 🤑

With a steady flow of income, all is possible. At the very least, you can cover all of your expenses and perhaps the occasional pan dulce. Living wisely you are.

You unlearned what you had learned. 👀

You are no longer frivolously spending. You know exactly how much comes in and how much goes out and can keep it together. Mijo, the force is with you.

The greatest teacher, failure to pay bills is. 📆

You have enough to pay your bills every month and you make it a priority. You don’t collect late fees and dig a hole towards collections. Jedi material you are.

Impossible to see, the future is. 🆘

Being prepared with a healthy safety net to cover expenses in case a life emergency happens is how to be the ultimate jedi in any situation. You get back up, dust yourself off and conquer again. Out of acceptance comes wisdom.

Always in motion is the future. 🏡

Planning for the future with big purchases means you have mastered all of the above skills and have been saving to provide a better future for yourself and your familia. Maybe you’re renting now but planning on buying so you can build that generational wealth and pass on what you have earned.

When 65 years old you reach, look as good you will not. 👵🏽

Building your savings for retirement is key to living comfortably. All the hard work and discipline you put in now will give you more time to relax and make those years your new prime. As a bonus, you are investing and making your savings grow. So kick back and relax. Powerful you have become.

Master all of the above and celebrate you must. But if you’ve only accomplished a few of these, or even just one–not to worry, young Padawan. Even the blind seed grows to the light. True mastery of a skill was only the beginning step to understanding it.

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