5 Things Introverted Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

5 Things Introverted Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

Entrepreneurs and extroverts may start with the same letter pero don’t let that confuse you! You can be an introvert and a successful entrepreneur. 🤓 Betty, la fea, didn’t let it get in her way and neither should you! If blasting your image across multiple platforms multiple times a day sounds like un horror,👎 Limit Breaker blog has a few suggestions to think about as you build your business.


Tu Triunfo

Don’t base what you think “success” is off others. What you want to achieve has nothing to do with anyone else. Gina Lucia at Limit Breaker suggests writing it down.✍️ And be specific with it! Then, when you are unsure and looking for ways to stay motivated, break it out and remember where you’re headed.📈


Become an Expert in Your Field

Would you swipe right on un chico who says he likes margaritas and long walks on the beach? No! Porque that’s so vague mij@! 🤦‍♀️ You want to stand out – show them what makes you different. 🎩 And that means being ultra-specific on who you’re serving. This helps you find your ideal customer AND for them to find you, too. If you’re still looking for your niche, start with what specific skills and interests you have that set you apart. ✍️


Repeat, Repeat Repeat

Brands repeat phrases tantas veces because it works! It’s something called “effective frequency” – it’s the number of times you have to be exposed to a message before you get what you want and marketing experts say it can range from 6-20 times! 😮So, pick a message and make sure it conforms across all your marketing and media. Maybe Betty, la fea would be Betty, la bella if she just repeated it a bunch of times (though it’d be a way less fun telenovela). 📺


Target and Market 

You got your version of success, your niche and your catchphrase. Now, it’s time to find your ideal customers. 👜By putting yourself everywhere, you’ll stretch yourself thin. Just like you were specific with your niche, be specific with how you’re going to market: what social media platforms do your customers use, what do they search for, where are they going for help? 📲Find what works for you and be consistent.


Find Your Gente

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Connect con gente that approach business in the same way you do. 🤝Facebook groups and other online forums have communities for all sorts of different entrepreneurial techniques. Sharing your struggles can help you be a better and more informed entrepreneur. Betty didn’t do it alone! She had el cuartel de las feas.


Do you consider yourself an introverted entrepreneur? Comment below with any other tips and tricks you may have!👇

Source: https://limitbreaker.co/5-things-every-introverted-entrepreneur-needs-to-succeed/

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