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5 Personal Finance Tips I Learned from Watching Bridgerton

5 Personal Finance Tips I Learned from Watching Bridgerton

“You know what’s romantic? Security.” -Lady Featherington, Bridgerton

While Regency era England is not the most relevant example of our social climate today, Lady Featherington makes an insightful point. Here are 5 ways to ensure your own financial security, without an obligated arranged marriage to a Lord. 😉

1. Start a Side Hustle

Lady Whistledown, Penelope Featherington’s newspaper, instantly turned a passion and knack for writing into a profitable business. Se puso las pilas and she transformed her life, and you can do the same. Finding a craft that you enjoy and putting yourself out there is the perfect way to make some extra money on the side. 

2. Build an Emergency Fund

The phrase “save it for a rainy day” is etched into our minds but Cressida Cowper’s unexpected blackmail on the Featherington’s emphasizes the importance of having an emergency fund. You never know what can happen in the future, and having a backup plan will always save you the hassle later on. Just make sure you don’t keep your savings under el colchón, look for a high yield savings account instead…

3. Don’t Always Trust the Chisme

While the Queen and Lady Danbury ruled their lives based on gossip, it’s important to not always believe the financial chisme you hear on your friends or family’s whatsapp chat. Be skeptical of quick schemes that sound too good to be true like the queen promising a perfect love match to the diamond of the season. Be smart and thorough, especially with your finances.

4. Dynamic Duo: Enlist the Help of a Partner

Take inspiration from the Modiste and Penelope, joining forces to strengthen their businesses. Even someone in a completely different field can offer a new perspective or insight, just as a writer and fashion designer did. Finding the right partner that compliments your skills, can double your chances at a successful business, just make sure it is someone who you can completely trust.

5. All or Nothing: Do Your Research Before You Invest

Before Colin Bridgerton invested in the mines of the Featheringtons, he saved himself from a major loss by taking some time to understand the company he was investing in, to avoid scams and losses.

Investing can be overwhelming, but there are many tools to help you today, like an investment platform or a financial advisor that will charge you a small percentage based on the money they help you grow.

So, Dearest Reader, remember: 

While Bridgerton is certainly a great binge watch,  its lessons about financial security go past the nineteenth century and are valuable tools to keep in mind today.

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